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By | August 10, 2017

Why It’s Important to Use a Good Cutting Stick Cutting Sticks are an essential accessory and component for all three knife trimmers, paper cutters, and other types of cutting machinery. Cutting sticks are slipped into the cutting machine’s slot and intended to save and protect the blade’s edge, which is the part that is used for cutting the material. Every time you make a proper selection of cutting sticks, you can greatly improve your cutting production and cut quality, and also extend the edge life of your industrial paper knife or whatever type of industrial cutting blade you have. Print finishers nowadays don’t want anything short of top quality cutting, optimum durability and exceptional performance with their cutting sticks. All of these demands must be met with the widest selection for all types of industrial paper knives, including standard inlay and carbide among others. Below are a few types of cutting sticks that you will find in the market today: Basic Polyethylene Sticks
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Polyethylene is often used to make standard cutting sticks.
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This material offers superior qualities in a cutting stick and it is among the most versatile and cheapest plastics compared to other thermo-forming plastic supplies. Premium Polypropylene These cutting sticks are made from tough Polypropylene (this type of plastic is made for applications that demand high impact resistance, durability and strength) and are most suitable for high volume cutting environments. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are among the most in demand cutting sticks today. PVC is actually the most commonly used material for manufacturing plastic products, and you should look for PVC cutting sticks that are very rigid and strong. Nylon These tough, cast nylon cutting sticks are incredibly dense and are a particularly good fit for high-volume pounding and cutting. Find a dealer that offers cutting sticks with excellent tensile and compressive strength. The smoothness and self-mending properties of high quality cutting sticks can boost their durability. This toughness of high-standard sticks makes it unnecessary for you to rotate them as frequently as you would other. Lastly, to make sure you get all the benefits of top quality cutting sticks, take note of the following: > Top quality cutting sticks for your paper cutters are going to protect your cutting blades and provide you with a clean, sharp edge. > Sticks often come with 8 unique positions. You can rotate the stick 4 times, turn it end to end, and then rotated 4 times over. > A shabby cutting stick can diminish the quality of your bottom sheet cut. When this occurs, just rotate the stick once or twice before sharpening the knife. > Get a new cutting stick if your old one is well worn on all sides. > Delaying this would mean low quality cuts. > Avoid setting the knife too deep or the cutting stick will be diminished.