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By | August 10, 2017

These Will Help You Make Attractive Rental Ads. Mobile homes are becoming quite common these days. Mobile homes are usually rented or bought by young families,retirees and other individuals who just prefer to live simply or by people who don’t have other choices. You sure must have seen a lot of mobile home ads which can end up being a little confusing. Mobile homes are affordable and efficient. For these reasons,there are many people today who find them attractive. If you are a real estate agent and want to find families or other individuals to rent or buy your mobile homes,you need to understand how to do amazing mobile home rental ads so that the right people will contact and ask to do the deal. Effective mobile home rental ads are brief,sweet and complete. Mobile home ads or rental ads in general should contain every necessary bit of information that would be needed by people looking to rent such homes. An effective ad should contain crucial details such as the size of the home,bathrooms and bedrooms and policies on things like pet ownership among others. The following tips will be useful for those agents who wish to come up with smashing rental ads that get potential tenants calling the realtor and asking to view the homes.
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A good ad should always have a clear picture of the mobile home one seeks to sell or rent out. In fact most people will not bother paying attention to rental ads that don’t have of photos. The photo should at least show the prospect a bedroom,kitchen,living room and a bathroom. Better quality photos can be taken at dusk. Remember to indicate the amount of deposit payable before entry. You need to ensure that the amount you indicate on the rental ad is not in excess of the maximum amount stipulated by your state,as there are many states that have set up a maximum figure.
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You need to specifically state in your rental ads the minimum time period that each lease agreement will cover . Use a phrase such as a ’12 month lease’ instead of a ‘1 year lease’ as the prospect is likely to see as though 1 year was a longer period than 12 months! Your mobile rent ads should also include the location of the home. You may also decide to include the street address where the home is located but it is not a good idea to include the specific number of the house. Don’t tell the prospect things like they will be paying their own utilities. If the agreement includes any utilities, state it. The actual date that the prospect can move in should be shown. Remember to leave your contact information somewhere on the rental ads. Remembering the above tips when preparing your rental ads will ensure that all your units get occupied before long.